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We’re not perfect, but we’re taking baby steps to do good. We acknowledge the impact that selling products (no matter how small or cute) has on the world. We are always striving to do better, for the next generation of mini babes. Read more about our pledge to give back and think forward below.



On starting this brand we wanted to make a great product that parents and their new arrivals could enjoy, but we also wanted to give something back. For every Shnooze Suit that gets sold, we'll donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital. No child should be in pain, and anything that we can do to prevent this, is a more than worthy cause.


Sadly, we live in a world where a fancy coffee can cost more than a babygrow. You wouldn’t think that baby wear could be classed as fast fashion, but it can be. The product lifecycle makes us really sad- worn a couple of times, covered in poo then it’s landfill time…. this doesn’t sit right with us. Our products are designed for longevity, to grow with your baby (that super stretch fabric & converted feet /cuffs will squeeze out those extra months of wear) and can then be kept for baby number two.


We hate waste, so we have promised to reduce and recycle wherever we can. Working with uneven large print patterns usually means lots of leftover fabric. So to keep every product's waste material to a minimum we've decided to make each one of our Shnooze Suits, Bibs & Hats differently. You’re getting a unique one-off product and we are keeping waste to a minimum, everyone’s a winner!

Our factory uses swanky technology to only make/print as much fabric as we need. Any large leftovers after the Shnooze Suits have been cut are then used to make our Dribbly Bibs & Bear Hats and then all the mini scraps are bundled up and donated to a children’s charity in Wandsworth that use them for arts & crafts- caaaaauuuutttteee right?

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The motherhood penalty in the workplace is real whether we like it or not. Thousands of women are pushed out of work by the astonishing cost of childcare, inflexible hours as well as being overlooked for promotions in case they go on maternity leave. Many new mums are being forced to work freelance to balance working and looking after their families. So, when it came to hiring freelancers to get M&M up and running, we made it our mission to hire mums whenever we can…...


Shout out to Winnie who brought our bold beautiful prints to life, Omera who made our gorge website, Ambreen who retouched some of our snaps and Victoria who made all our dribbly bibs & bear hats out of our leftover fabric. If you would like any of their details, ping us an email and we will hook you up! 

A huge thank you to our Photographer turned Baby Stylist, Charlotte Page, we couldn’t have done it without you. And of course, our muses and micro models- Mins & The Vivster!


We don't want our precious little bundles of joy to grow up in a world of plastic flowing down The Thames; so we have consciously tried to minimise any non-recyclable materials in our packaging process, from the swing tags all the way down to the paper-postal bag that'll slip through your mailbox. 

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