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Monaco and Margot co-founders Rose and Cyrus met in 2014. Their baby Minnie Margot landed in 2021 and was the inspiration behind The Shnooze Suit. As you know, when there’s even an ultrasound in sight (very kind) family and friends start rattling the letter box with more outfit choices than Sarah Jessica Parker.  


That said, with variety a plenty, they kept coming back to a small select repertoire of outfits for the new Queen about town. They started avoiding poppers like the plague (18 poppers at 3am?…Yikes) and found themselves re-washing the same few zip-enabled onesies till the fabric wore thin. 


So they sat down and sketched the ultimate baby pyjama that combined Rose’s love for bold playful prints with Cy’s desire for practicality (maximum time in bed)…....Enter, The Shnooze Suit.


Not a popper in sight, with enough stretch to capture any flailing limb, the UK made one-piece has only one flaw, there are no adult sizes.

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