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You won't buy anything else

Parents can have a tough gig with their new 24/7 munchkin, so every aspect of the Shnooze Suit has been carefully constructed to make your life easier.

18 poppers at 3am? It’s a no from us……Two-way zip up sleepsuits designed with ease in mind. You will be able to unzip from bottom or top, slipping that nappy off without risk of fighting the popper wriggle, whilst keeping them toasty.
Did we mention it grows with your little one as the fold over feet convert into cuffs? Giving you a couple of extra months of wear (thank us later boo).
Save yourself those extra couple of minutes in the dead of night, as we know it can be the difference between getting a dozy baby back to sleep in record time or dealing with a mini dictator for a full awake window.
Designed in London & made with love in the UK, using organic cotton elastane blend fabric. We really don’t think you’ll look elsewhere after giving this a try. 

Annotated Shnooze suit .png
Fabrics2 (1).png
IMG_7944 2.jpg

We kept finding that our baby’s cotton sleepsuits had little stretch in the fabric, so the knees were bagging and trying to wrestle her into them was quite the post-bath battle. So, when we were sourcing fabrics we knew we had to have a good amount of elastane (5%) to accommodate those flailing limbs and a super smooth organic cotton blend (95%) to keep it baby soft.

The quest to find the perfect fabric for the Shnooze Suit had us channelling our inner Goldilocks- “It’s too thick”, “not soft enough”, “needs more stretch”. It took us a few months, relentless textile fairs, endless samples but then we found THE ONE. 

Organic? Check. Does it hold print well? Check. Good amount of stretch? Check. Soft AF? Check……..Come to Mama!

We also knew we needed simple washing instructions…...which psychopath designed cashmere dry clean only clothing for babies? 

Making Graphic (1).png

Rose our Co-Founder has worked in fashion design & manufacturing for nearly a decade, so when it came to finding the perfect ethical manufacturer, she knew just what we were looking for. When Monaco & Margot was just a mere twinkle in our eyes, we knew it was fundamental to manufacture all our products in the UK to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.


If you are buying outfits for your babe that are dirt cheap, someone, somewhere is paying the price for it. That’s why we made a pledge to work with ethically audited factories that we pay fairly so they can pay their talented teams well. We only produce small batches and will only make products that are seasonless. No throw away trends or garments designed for one day’s wear (not a pumpkin onesie or Elf suit in sight). We also aren’t taking part in Black Friday or Boxing Day sales, it’s just not in line with the company vibe. Not to come over all extinction rebellion but there’s no planet B guys- let’s buy less and buy better.

We designed the Shnooze Suits for longevity, so it grows with your baby beyond the typical three months of wear. Both of our gorgeous models wore the same size Suits for our photoshoot even though Minnie is 8 months and Vivvy is 13 months. The extra stretch and fold over feet that convert into cuffs cuts down the need to buy the next size up sooner.

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Print moodboard.png

When our baby Minnie was a few months old we had cottoned on to zip up sleepsuits being the way forward. So, we set off to scour the shops to buy the next size up for her.  When we were perusing racks of Victorian frilly collars, ditsy florals and pale pink onesies covered in bunnies we were feeling a little uninspired. We wanted bright, bold, playful prints to reflect our girls' personality…..our Mins is no wall flower.


Most of our prints are designed to be unisex, after all, it's difficult to find any outfits for boy babies that aren’t plastered in tractors or dinosaurs. 


We set about creating prints that aren’t traditionally linked with ‘baby wear’ and gave them a contemporary playful twist. 


Here are our original moodboards with the inspiration behind each print, we’ve got everything from Matisse’s cut out series to Terrazzo which is having a major moment in the interiors world and now the baby’sphere!  

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